I was always the artsy kid; the one who got craft kits and colored pencils instead of soccer balls for their birthday. And I took on that role with gusto-- taking as many art classes and side projects as I could, and even studying fashion design in college. But as the graveyard of forgotten crafts and portfolio pieces started to build, it was clear that I was aimless. 

That all changed when I took a ceramics 101 class at The Clay Studio on a whim in September 2017. By the following spring, I knew I had found my niche, and those nearly 30 years of jewelry making and sewing and nail art helped to inform my chosen craft.  

My favorite blogger introduced me to the term jollifier a few years ago. A jollifier is an item in your home that simply makes you happy. I can think of no better purpose for my ceramics than for them to bring as much joy to the owner as they have brought to my life. 

Thank you for supporting and encouraging this incredible journey that I am taking.